Does Tesla use BTCPay Server to accept bitcoin (BTC)?

Car maker Tesla discovered a bug in the code of the BTCPay Server payment processor, and also helped the team fix the flaw. This supports the idea that Tesla is using this open source solution to accept bitcoin (BTC).

BTCPay Server thanks Tesla for their help

The open source Bitcoin payment service BTCPay Server today released a patch report covering various vulnerabilities including one described as critical.

The developers strongly recommended that affected users update their instances to mitigate the risk. They have also committed to release a full report of these vulnerabilities when the next major version of BTCPay Server is released.

While this report is a good thing for the intended users, the information disclosed is relatively innocuous and perhaps did not deserve a full account to explain it. But then what was the real purpose of this press release?

One element caught everyone’s attention. Indeed, the report thanks the Tesla automotive company for its help in fixing these bugs. After reviewing BTCPay Server’s GitHub last week, Tesla informed the project team about the presence of a bug.

However, it appears that this release is an unofficial way of announcing that Tesla is using the services of BTCPay Server.

A still unacknowledged use of BTCPay Server?

After announcing that Tesla now accepts bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment, Elon Musk took the opportunity to indicate that his company “only uses internal and open source software and directly operates Bitcoin nodes”.

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